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NGAT is issuing a FREE $1,000 life insurance policy for everyone who is active in the Texas National Guard -- both Army and Air Guard. The policy will be effective until you are no longer in the Texas National Guard. Members of the State Guard are not eligible for the free life insurance policy.

You do not have to do anything to sign up for this policy. Your beneficiary is the person you have listed on your SGLI.

NGAT started publishing a digital edition of the magazine, in addition to the printed copy, two years ago. A notice was published in several magazine editions, requesting you to contact us if you wanted to continue receiving the magazine by regular mail.

Stay in touch with what's going on with NGAT. If you are not receiving your NGAT News magazine by email or regular mail, contact us today! Call 512-454-7300 or click the link below to email us.

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Executive Committee

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The purpose of the National Guard Association of Texas shall be to promote, safeguard, and advance the interests of the Texas Military Forces and the National Guard of the United States as a component of the Armed Forces of the United States.


To be a premier professional association that serves and advances the interests of it membership and supports the Texas Military Department.


The National Guard Association of Texas will:

* Be innovative, agile, and flexible, so that it can meet the expectations and diverse needs of our members.

* Create Strategic Alliances joint ventures through partnerships, to maximize the resources and opportunities available to our members.

* Embed continuous improvements in the planning and execution of our programs, activities and decision-making processes.

* Inspire individuals and communities for public benefit, and conduct activities with transparency, integrity and accountability.



NGAT Calendar

Aug 11-16, 2018 EANGUS Conference, Charleston, WV

Aug 17, 2018 (6-8 pm) NGAT Bat Cruise, Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX

Aug 19-20, 2018 NGAT Board of Director Mtg, ROCK, Georgetown, TX

Aug 24-27, 2018, NGAUS Conference, New Orleans, LA

Mar 29-31, 2019 - 60th Annual NGAT Conference, Corpus Christi, Texas


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