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What is NGAUS?

NGAUS is the National Guard Association of the United States. The strength of NGAUS has also been its united membership. As the voice of the National Guard on Capitol Hill, NGAUS provides a path by which National Guard officers can elevate their local concerns to a national and influential audience in Washington, D.C.

NGAUS members provide the backbone and guidance NGAUS needs as it ensures the National Guard receives the best and latest equipment; maintains readiness through comprehensive personnel initiatives; receives proper missions as part of the Total Force; and fights for equitable retirement programs that give Guardsmen the support they’ve earned. Commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Army and Air National Guard are eligible for NGAUS membership. Historically, nearly all eligible Guard officers have paid their dues and belonged to NGAUS.

Who Can Join?

Commissioned officers and warrant officers of the Army and Air National Guard are eligible for NGAUS membership as are supporters of NGAUS.

Are you a newly commissioned officer in the Texas Army or Air National Guard?

If so both NGAUS & NGAT would like to give you a free one year membership in both oprganizations. Try us out, get involved, know what is going on in your Guard of today. To join under this special click here for the membership form.

Your voice in NGAT and NGAUS makes a difference for example there was a point in time last year when the Army Guard thought they would lose all of their AH-64 Apaches. That didn’t happen because you and many other who are member of NGAT & NGAUS made their opinions know on Capitol Hill.

Membership in NGAT & NGAUS provides you with a voice her in Texas and on Capitol Hill. By joining with other citizen Soldiers, you strengthen your voice with our state and elected officials. In addition, you will begin coming into contact with other citizen Soldiers in the Texas Military Forces, thus strengthening your link within the Texas Military Forces.


Click Here for more information about the NGAUS Conference.


Since 1959, NGAT has been the voice advocating for the men and women of the Texas Army and Air National Guard.

State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI)

Group Term Insurance

This is a low-cost group term life insurance policy which provides coverage on the member, their spouse, and their dependent children. Starting at $3.66 a month for $10,000 policy.


Free $10,000 Life Insurance

NGAT is proud to offer you a benefit of a $10,000 life insurance policy. This policy is offered to new enlistees of the Texas National Guard. Enrollment needs to be completed within 90 days of your enlistment to take advantage of this offer.


Free $1,000 Life Insurance

All currently serving members of the Texas Army and Air National Guard are automatically covered with a FREE $1,000 NGAT Life Insurance policy.


Want to join NGAT?

The National Guard Association of Texas (NGAT) appears before various state and national legislative committees to speak on behalf of the Soldiers and Airmen of the Texas Military Forces. This is why your membership is so important. The greater our membership numbers, the more influence NGAT can bring to the political decision-makers and continue the fight on top issues affecting you and your family. Join NGAT today and make a real difference in the fight for your benefits and your future as a member of the Texas Military Forces.