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Texas National Guard Foundation
3706 Crawford Ave.
Austin, TX  78731

National Guard Who is the
Texas National Guard Foundation?

The Texas National Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization with 501©3 status, is dedicated to fostering awareness, understanding, recognition, and appreciation among the private sector and the general public. This is for the crucial roles and responsibilities that the members of the Texas Military Department undertake in support of the United States’ National Defense Component.

The foundation’s mission is to raise and distribute funds to supplement and support the financing of National Guard events, professional education, educational scholarships, and activities that benefit military service members in Texas, as sanctioned by the Foundation. In addition, the Foundation extends its support to Soldiers and Airmen during natural disasters and missions both domestically and abroad. It also provides educational scholarships and aids in professional development for members of the Texas National Guard.

By sponsoring National Guard conferences, forums, research, and meetings, the foundation aims to promote the professional growth of the Texas Military Department members. It also seeks to educate the general public about the role and responsibilities of the Texas Military Department.

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Upcoming Events

Want to help the Texas National Guard Foundation?

Next event is the Silent Auction Mar 21-24, 2024 at the Kalahari Resorts & Conventions in Round Rock, Texas.


Silent Auction is held at the NGAT Conference


Auction items accepted at the NGAT Office and onsite at the conference.

Members of the National Guard Association of Texas staff stand by a rental truck full of donations the association collected to send to members of the National Guard effected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. The Texas National Guard Foundation also distributed over $14,000 in funds to Soldiers and Airmen in need of assistance because of the devastating flooding.


The Texas National Guard Foundation is currently raising funds to provide educational scholarships to members of the Texas National Guard. Your support will assist in this effort.

Thank you to our Silent Auction Contributors


SFC Mireya Cruz – President

COL Paul Cerniauskas – Vice President


MSG (Ret) Theresa Billeck-Zuniga – Treasurer

LTC (Ret) Marvin Harris – Secretary



Since 1959, NGAT has been the voice advocating for the men and women of the Texas Army and Air National Guard.

State Sponsored Life Insurance (SSLI)

Group Term Insurance

This is a low-cost group term life insurance policy which provides coverage on the member, their spouse, and their dependent children. Starting at $3.66 a month for $10,000 policy.


Free $10,000 Life Insurance

NGAT is proud to offer you a benefit of a $10,000 life insurance policy. This policy is offered to new enlistees of the Texas National Guard. Enrollment needs to be completed within 90 days of your enlistment to take advantage of this offer.


Free $1,000 Life Insurance

All currently serving members of the Texas Army and Air National Guard are automatically covered with a FREE $1,000 NGAT Life Insurance policy.


Fed Protect

Low cost Group Level Term Life Insurance for current and former members of the Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard between the ages of 18-75 are eligible to apply with coverage continuing through age 121.

Want to join NGAT?

The National Guard Association of Texas (NGAT) appears before various state and national legislative committees to speak on behalf of the Soldiers and Airmen of the Texas Military Forces. This is why your membership is so important. The greater our membership numbers, the more influence NGAT can bring to the political decision-makers and continue the fight on top issues affecting you and your family. Join NGAT today and make a real difference in the fight for your benefits and your future as a member of the Texas Military Forces.