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There are many elements involved in planning an annual conference, some of which take long-range planning and preparation, others, which must wait almost until the president bangs his gavel and calls the conference to order. The Conference Committee and NGAT Staff will strive to offer unique traditions, culture, geography, facilities, and resources depending upon the conference location. NGAT should almost always want to convey some of the flavor and special charm of the host city.

The Conference Chair should have a complete knowledge of the National Guard Association of Texas and the events conducted during the Annual Conference. They must understand the budget requirements and work closely with the NGAT Executive Director and the NGAT staff on all components of the Annual Conference.

Committee Chairs are also very important, their enthusiasm and interest in the National Guard and NGAT will directly reflect upon the success of the Conference. They can assist in improving the event and advise of changes needed to the committee chair guidelines outlines in this SOP.

 At the earliest possible time, the Conference Chair should hold a meeting of the committee chairs to outline the duties of each chair, set up a tentative program, decide upon a theme for the conference, or conference slogan, optional events, breakout session, etc.

The NGAT Executive Director along with the NGAT President will ensure the conference committee is staffed with experienced and competent professionals. Members of the Conference Committee should have attended at least one or two prior NGAT Annual Conferences. This will ensure the committee leadership has the knowledge needed to coordinate this large financial event for NGAT. The final responsibility of the NGAT Conference rests with the NGAT Executive Committee, NGAT Executive Director and the NGAT Staff.


Conference Committee

Chair: Tielow Henson
Mireya Cruz
Talia McKinnis
Bob Roark
Mike Wolff
Priscilla Leger
Marvin Harris
Theresa Billeck-Zuniga
Terri Marshall 


Since 1959, NGAT has been the voice advocating for the men and women of the Texas Army and Air National Guard.

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